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We develop a relationship with our clients and make a bond between them to grow the Healthcare sector.


To recruit skillful talents for the healthcare area. 

Our target is to improve the healthcare zone by hiring proficient talents for the professional healthcare area. In past, we maintained a long relationship with our clients by providing our best services to them. Our recruiting team provides our clients with well-trained and dedicated employees that help them advance in the healthcare area. 

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition in the market, and we distinguish ourselves as the top recruitment team by developing an appealing marketing plan for the healthcare sector.


Our recruiting team did a complete examination of the Company’s reputation and requirements. After the in-depth examine we provide them, particular candidates. 

Recruit & Qualify

We contact capable candidates and fully analyze their communication skills and behavior because we believe knowledge is not the only thing that matters for the company. 

Secure/Retain Talent

We select proficient candidates for the corporation. We question both contestants and corporations and create a relationship between them and ask them as they are satisfied with each other.

About Professional Search Network Recruiters Inc.

Opportunities for health care professionals are better than ever, however most are not advertised. That’s where we can help! Professional Search Network Recruiters Inc. a highly skilled team of recruiters along with state of the art technology dedicated to networking with the finest medical facilities and top healthcare professionals in the field.

CEO & Founder, Peter Subaric

Our Focus is on hiring for the Healthcare area.


CEO, CFO & COO. These Three’s are the topmost positions at any Healthcare Sector.

Director of Nursing

It manages the nursing unit and has responsibility for hiring, firing, and developing nursing staff. 

Regional Director

 A regional director manages the administration and multiple health care systems.


An administrator is someone who handles the staff and provides office as well as medical support to them.

VP of operations

Vice Presidents of operations will give ideas, lead the team, and coordinate operations in the management. 

VP of Nursing

Vice President of Nursing supervises all aspects of Nursing like Recruitment, Training, and growth.

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